This series of videos provides a Montana-focused look at the soil health topic. Many of us have heard of these ideas working in other parts of the country, but is it really possible in Montana? Principles of soil health can be adapted for use in all environments, including those found in Montana. Montana farmers and ranchers who have been using these principles to build soil health can provide a wealth of practical information to those interested in the topic.

The Soil Health, A Montana Perspective series is divided into segments that can be viewed individually. The Tools for Soil Health segments are each about 5 minutes long. They provide brief summaries of conservation practices that can be used to improve soil health. The Interviews with Montana Farmers and Ranchers segments are each up to 15 minutes long. In these segments, individual producers talk about what they have been doing to manage their system for soil health, what has worked and what hasn’t, and what benefits they are seeing.


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