Producer #1 Cover Crop – West of Brockway

Two different cover crops were planted this year thanks to assistance from the Conservation District.  The first one was the early season one consisting of about six varieties.  We have located several of them: oats, turnips, collards, flax and sunflower.  The second one was the late season one and is planted on soil that does not generally produce very well.  We have so far found some chickpeas, peas, corn and millet/sudan in the mix.  We’ll keep an eye one it as it grows and will share more photos.  The two crops are right next to each other as you can see in the picture and they are separated by an electric wire.

The first one was planted in early April I believe and the second one was planted about 3-4 weeks ago.

We turned the cows in on the first one on Friday evening and they took right to grazing the mix.  It has been so fun to watch something like this grow…I never dreamed I would see the day on our place when something other than a single crop was planted in a field.

Thank you so very much for organizing the grant program.  I hope that you’ll do it next year and will encourage lots of other producers to take part.  Totally worth it!!!

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